Working with Kate as our wedding planner was such a great experience. My husband and I are local to SoCal, but both our families are not so deciding to hire Kate as our wedding planner took most of the stress of planning off our shoulders. She was able to help us bring to life a wedding day that perfectly embodied us as a couple! From helping us find a wedding venue, to recommending amazing vendors for hair/makeup, videography, ceremony musicians, shuttle services, linen rentals, wedding stationary, tux rentals, wedding dress alterations etc- Kate knows it all! She even wrapped all our Groomsmen gifts for us :) It was great to be able to reach out to her with any and all of our questions (and boy did we have questions) during the planning process and she was always willing to help us out and ease any of our worries. And when the big day came she flawlessly managed all our vendors and design details to execute a truly unforgettable day. We even had numerous wedding guests tell us our wedding was the best wedding they’d been to- largely in part due to Kate’s amazing planning and coordinating skills. Thank you Kate!!
— Luise + Craig
Kate is an amazingly talented wedding planner! My wife and I have busy professional lives and taking on wedding planning was not helping us stay young, so when things got a bit stressful we desperately reached out to friends and family for recommendations, that’s when we came into contact with Kate. No matter how much needed to be done, she made my wife feel at ease during the entire planning process and when the actual day came, people are still saying that our wedding was one for the record books (we have honest friends too). We couldn’t have received this praise if it wasn’t for Kate taking on the day coordinating with the caterer, dj, band, florist, family, friends, co-workers, etc. Husbands out there, do your wife and yourself a favor, bring Kate onto your team - she has my highest recommendation.
— Rebecca + Jeff
Rich and I planned our wedding from across the country and when we made the decision to hire Kate for her day of services, we definitely were not disappointed! Kate is a pleasure to work with. Instantly she made me/us comfortable and we didn’t have to stress out. Kate took care of EVERYTHING. Our bridal party was able to enjoy themselves and not have to worry about who was handling what. We mostly talked on the phone leading up to our wedding date. Kate helped me along and guided me on what to do leading up to our big day. We met Kate only a few days prior to Our wedding and it couldn’t have come at a better time because our nerves were starting to get twitchy with the wedding approaching rapidly, but when we met with Kate that all went away. She is a rockstar to say the least! She made our wedding a dream come true. Her attention to detail and organization is on point. We didn’t have to worry about where we needed to be during the ceremony or reception and to top it off the morning after our reception I was greated with a text that had the details of where everything was so I could find it. Would I hire her again? Absolutely! I highly recommend Kate. The only thing I regret is not getting a photo and having a cocktail with her afterwards! Kate is simply the best. Now go book her for your big day!
— Stephanie + Richard
Hiring Kate of Blue Door Creative was by far the best decision I made for my small wedding. Instead of stressing and sweating over the small stuff, Kate was there to walk me though it step by step and make me feel at ease and comfortable leading up to the big day. And she worked magic! The wedding went off without a hitch and it was absolutely perfect. I left the details to her and her team and I was NOT disappointed. Everything was lovely and beautiful and it was truly everything I could have ever wanted that day. And after the wedding all of my friends and family complimented on how sweet, professional and wonderful Kate was to be around that day. Thank you for everything! xoxo
— Samantha + Jason
Planning a wedding can be stressful for anyone especially someone like me who suffers from anxiety on a daily basis. Have Kate be our wedding planner was like a dream come true. You see my husband and I have known this special lady ever since she was a little girl. We have had the opportunity to watch her grow into an amazing young woman who is not only organized but extremely creative. Her ideas added that personal touch tailored for our wedding. She made our special day one that neither one of us will ever forget. Having Kate Wright plan our day was the best gift ever!!!!
— Mark + Paul

Planning a wedding is super stressful, planning a wedding from out of state is even worse! Hiring Kate was one of the best decisions I made when planning our wedding. She has a wonderful, energetic personality and is always ready to help. She answered all of my questions in a timely manner and went above and beyond to make sure our special day went as smoothly as possible. I had no experience whatsoever when it came to anything wedding related, but Kate was right there when I needed her and always had a solution. She has a lot of experience with weddings and it definitely shows in her quality of work. She took care of coordinating all of our vendors, created a flawless timeline, and set up our beautiful wedding reception. She makes getting married easy! Seriously, she alleviated the majority of my anxiety. I highly recommend hiring her, you will not regret it! Thank you for being so amazing Kate
— Sara + Shane
We absolutely loved working with Kate! When searching for a wedding planner, we were very picky because not only did we want someone who was organized, but also wanted someone we would vibe with and love being around. Wedding’s can be stressful and chaotic but Kate made the experience fun and she always kept us calm. She had an awesome attitude throughout the whole process and even met with us on random occasions when she didn’t have to. It was easy to tell, she truly cared and it was important to her that our day was perfect. We were so happy with our decision to work with Blue Door Creative!
— Catherine + Aaron
Kate did an incredible job helping us with day of coordination for our wedding in September 2015. We planned our wedding from two states away, and I was expecting her participation to mostly take place on the day of the wedding, but Kate went above and beyond for us. She helped me plan things I had not even thought about, followed up and managed all of our vendors in the month before, and made sure we were encountering as little stress as possible on the day of our wedding. If you think that things won’t pop up on the day of—you’re wrong! It was such a relief to know that I could trust Kate to take care of things I did not want to be distracted by before the ceremony.

Not only is Kate an incredibly warm person, but she is smart as a whip and gets things done! She puts a lot of time, effort, and love into making your wedding day the best it can possibly be. We could not have had our wedding without her!! I can’t recommend her highly enough—she’s fabulous.
— Sami + Price
Blue Door Creative was hands down a game changer when it came to planning our big day! My husband and I have been together for almost 14 years (since high school) and with that comes a big wedding surrounded by our friends, family, and everyone that has been with us since the beginning.

I work in real estate and my husband works in production so our schedules are insanely hectic and busy. There was very little downtime for me to even conceive of planning a wedding on our own, especially with a guestlist made up of about 250 people. We met with Kate and immediately we knew we were in good hands. She understood our vision and had amazing contacts who turned out to be incredible the day of and completely within out budget (which was not big!).

She was flexible to our needs, scheduling and went above and beyond in terms of communication to make sure we didn’t miss a beat. She made what seemed like the most overwhelming tasks easy for us and spelled out everything on a regular basis (what was coming up, what we need to work on immediately and things to approve or think about) also who needed to do what.

She offered packages which really worked for us as well because we weren’t totally sure what services we were going to need (ultimately it was more than I ever thought!). The day of the wedding was PERFECTION, she handled ALL of the coordination herself and I wasn’t bothered with one thing. I was able to enjoy the important things and literally just show up to the most beautiful setting. As cliche as it sounds it really was the best day of our life thus far and I don’t know if would have happened without Kate!
— Samantha + Arun
Kate truly changed my mind about wedding planners. I had not give hiring one much thought, except that my site required a day-of person. After hearing a few good recommendations about Kate, I met with her to talk to her a bit more about my day. I was immediately blown away by her professionalism and ease, as well as her depth of knowledge. She quickly became a source of information and comfort for me and husband, walking us through every step of the process. Despite our distance, Kate was always a quick phone call or text away, quick to respond with in-depth answers or great advice. She pointed us in the direction of several vendors, who we used. The week before, our venue gave us a lot of trouble and Kate truly did her all to field that. Our wedding day was beautiful and seamless, thanks to her. Kate is determined, smart, and calm. She’ll make your day as beautiful as you imagine it. I cannot recommend her enough!
— Samantha + Cesar