How to Have a Smooth Wedding Day Morning!

Holy heck, you are going to wake up and it is YOUR wedding day! There is so much to do and so many people to organize (!) how are you going to do all of this while still staying sane for such an important life event? Brady&Tiffany1131

Listen up brides (and grooms!) something I always tell my couples is that your wedding, and all the other events that are involved in your celebration weekend, are what you make them! If you are super stressed, the days and events will feel, well, stressed!

But if you take the time to think and plan out the littlest of details whether it is with a close family member, your Maid of Honor, or your wedding planner (hey there!) the morning of your wedding could be (and will be!) nothing but carefree!


Sometimes coordinating your wedding party can be equivalent to herding cats … Get together with your wedding planner (cough cough) and come up with a Day of Itinerary that you can pass out to your wedding party at rehearsal. Knowing where they need to be, what time they have to be there, and what they need to bring makes for some happy bridesmaids + groomsmen.



Listen, I am ALL FOR popping a celebratory bottle of champagne (or two!) while you get ready. Bubbles and / or a shot of your favorite liquor can help take the edge off, set the mood, and make for some fun photos BUUTTTT .... Just because it is a fun-filled day, doesn’t mean that you (and your wedding party) don’t have things to do!

Tipsiness can cause delays in your timeline, make photos sloppy, and can often block you from being present. Be sure to bring plenty of water - consider doubling up on this compared to how many bottles of champs you have - and for the love of everything that is Wedding Holy – EAT SOMETHING!


PRO TIP: If you are getting married at a hotel, check with their Events + Catering Department to see if they offer day of food services. There’s nothing better than having an all you-can-eat breakfast show up and you didn’t have to lift a finger! If you are not getting married at a hotel, coordinate with your wedding planner (again – cough cough!) for them to organize and / or bring in food + drinks for you and your crew.

PRO PRO TIP: Include the vendors that will be with you in the morning in your food and drink orders. Have an Aunt heading for a Starbucks run? Ask your makeup artists and hairstylists how they take their coffee. Booked extra hours with your photographers or videographers so they are there with you from the very beginning? Ask them if they would like a sandwich and some water. Thinking of your vendor team during that time goes a very long way!


There is something to be said about being organized and staying organized. I can’t tell you how many times I have walked into a bridal room and all I see is chaos. I get it, someone has deodorant but its at the bottom of their bag and by the time we get to said deodorant, all of the bag's contents are all over the floor and we have to go! Like now! We have to go now!

Let’s invest in some great alternatives so your wedding party isn’t scattering their belongings everywhere. Here are some of my favorite ways to keep your getting ready space organized without sacrificing style:

{ From left: Target // Container Store // Etsy }

PRO TIP: Pack some keys items EARLY that you would love for your photographers to capture while you are getting ready. Items like your invitation suite, your favorite perfume, and wedding day jewelry make for some pretty “extra” images your photographer can include in your gallery.