A Coffee Date With Jessica Rieke Photography

It is Important to Work With People You Can Get Coffee With!

Have you heard the "LA" saying, I'll drive the 405 - to the 101 - to the ... for you. Its true, all Los Angeles folk start or end most conversations with traffic and / or the route that they had to take to make it to whatever event you're at and at a reasonable time.

So when my girl Jessica (of Jessica Rieke Photography) mentioned she wanted to be a part of my new guest blogging series, this Westside girl took her tush to Los Feliz because Jessica, is TOTALLY a person I would take the 405 to the - you get it!

It was at a quaint sidewalk cafe where we were idly sipping late lunch lattes (for me - tea for Jessica) that we organically stumbled on what we wanted to talk about. THIS - This exact thing we were doing: having coffee, talking about work, building on our working relationship + friendship and why it was so important to do this with the people you are choosing to work with on such a big and meaningful day: A Wedding Day.

*Disclaimer: This goes out to all vendors in the industry and to couples!! We are talking to all of you!

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:: TRUST ::

On the industry side: Wedding days are unpredictable. And when you take a step back and look at the day as a whole, every vendor plays an important role. Working with people you can rely on makes all the difference! Soooo, check in with some of your favorite vendors! Take them to lunch, meet for coffee (...whole point of this blog post), and just catch up! Learn about their lives outside of work and what their upcoming year looks like. Be a friendor (vendor + friend)

Do styled shoots together - create magic! I always say: Find your crew - Love them hard!

For a client: We've all heard "Team Work Makes the Dream Work" right? Your final product is our main priority, so when a team comes together we are ultimately dedicated to the BIG PICTURE and your overall wedding day experience.

Found a vendor you love? Check to see if they have done styled shoots and who they have worked with. 9 times out of 10 you will see some repeat vendor love.

**You don't always have to have a team that has worked together before (don't box yourself in!) BUT! It is important to make sure it is a working trait that a potential vendor talks about


Guys, can we just disconnect from our phone, computers, tablets, for like a hot second and just look someone in the eyes? Sitting down and conversing with people is just good for the soul - where's my "preach" at?

On the industry side: Surrounding yourself with fellow entrepreneurs is only going to lift you up in your craft. This ultimately allows you to find people who are not only going to represent your work well, but that you will do the same for them.

At one point Jessica said to me: "Wedding photography is one of the biggest investments a couple is ever going to make. Its not a car or a sofa that you will love and run to the ground, eventually having to replace it with something new ... you are investing in something that is going to last a lifetime"

Pretty powerful right? I was enthralled / inspired / secretly planning a second wedding for me and B because I was s i t t i n g there with her, listening to her speak and watching how much passion she has for what she does.

Get inspired by the your friendors (!) meet new ones! GO GET COFFEE

For a client: Us vendors are so much more than our social media profiles, websites, etc. Get to know us! Ask us why we got started in this industry, what keeps us going, and why we love to do what we do. I bet you will feel that much more relieved and, dare I say, inspired to have us be a part of such a beautiful journey with you.



If you would like to be part of my next coffee date - give me a holla!

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