Getting to Know Myself a Little Better

I still find myself a little taken aback when someone says to me “I know when you have entered a room” … I have also learned how to take this as a compliment! (Note to self: Remember to take it as a compliment!) ... excuses herself to go write inspiring message on sticky note to put on her desk 

**because let's get real I wrote this post on my sofa, in sweats, with The Office on in the background, and Blink 182 playing on iTunes (#longlivetheearly2000's)

I was NEVER the person that one would know was in a room. I often found myself in the middle of a group of three friends and often busied myself with taking care of them or trying to be like them in some shape or form, not really feeling entirely confident in my own skin.


So when I made the choice to start my own business I decided that this was only going to work if I put my true, authentic self forward with the allowance to grow, shift, and evolve BUT on my time, my awareness, ... and well, on my own.

When I approached Molly of Molly and Co Photography about doing my new headshots, I told her I wanted my pictures to reflect: “Hey this girl looks fun / I want to be her friend / I also want to hire her because she knows what she is talking about + can handle her sh*t”


So here you go guys! This is me! I will gladly show up in a power suit (we’re still calling them this yes?) if you need me to, but let’s get real, I’m normally in jeans or a jumpsuit, hardly any makeup, blasting Beyoncé on the way to our meeting but can (and will) handle all the beautiful and glorious #weddingplanning sh*t