YOU'RE ENGAGED! What To Do Next...


Happy Engagement Season! <3 If you, yourself have said "YES!" (... call me - lets chat) here are some tips to not only guide you during this exciting (!!) time but also protect that investment on your finger:

  • FUN: Treat Yo Self! Whether you had a manicure when your loved one popped the question or you have skipped multiple appointments (aka me), pick a color that just feels good. Trust me EVERYONE wants to see the ring - so why not have some OPI "Bubble Bath" along for the ride (and pictures)! Pick up some Bling Wipes too - great for on the go cleaning!

Screen Shot 2018-01-29 at 5.42.16 PM

Photo by: Simply Adri Photography

  • PRACTICAL: Insure your ring! Regardless if you have a family heirloom or the long lost diamond of the Caribbean ... insurance is NECESSARY - Check out Jeweler's Mutual . You can do everything online and their prices are excellent. You can also add your ring to your renter's insurance too.


  • FUN: Celebrate just the two of you before the big announcement. Go to your favorite restaurant, go see a movie, pop a bottle of bubbly, create a moment that is just the two of you.  This is so important because as you start planning: the commentary / questions / let me help you because I think I know everything and an expert scenarios will start heading your way and suddenly you don't have as much time to just "BE" as you think. NOTE: You can still do this even if you had a "public" proposal.

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Photo by: Carissa Woo Photography

  • PRACTICAL: Take tiny steps in your wedding planning. Start looking at places and vendors that inspire you and have work that you admire. You don't have to reach out right away, BUT (!) start making a list so that when you do decide to hit the ground running, you will already have an idea on who you want to work with