March Highs + Lows

Is it just me or has this been the quickest start to a year? How are we already in April tomorrow? Spring has sprung folks and I couldn't be happier about it! I absolutely LOVE Los Angeles in the springtime! The weather is the perfect mixture of sunny + glamorous with a dash of Santa Ana winds and patches of rain - extremely inspiring!

It brings the ever optimistic thinking that new and shiny happenings are on the horizon ... like      B R I D A L  S E A S O N <3

Your girl here kicks off her wedding season this month so be sure to stay tuned for some drool-worthy wedding photos!

In the meantime, a reflection on March ...



 | M A R C H Highs + Lows |

M A R C H Highs

: Springtime!

: The C R E A M Event held by BashPlease - I was able to see so many friendly faces and felt like "Okay, I can actually do this! I can run with these crazy talented individuals and be successful, well connected, and T H R I V I N G"

: Pretty pink celebrations for my little niece who will be making her debut in May! <3

: A super successful, fun, creative (somewhat draining) styled shoot + catalog shoot for one of my favorites VENE AI Studio (... blog post coming!)


M A R C H Lows

: Only one for this month, and yet it feels like a rather large one. Time management! I feel like a lot of people feel that entrepreneurs have all the time in the world; well I have two words for you: You're cute.

Stupid clock, it just doesn't, you know ... pause. 

I have found that my time really is hard to find sometimes. Don't get me wrong! I love that I am busy and often in meetings or coordinating but there are things that go on the side lines. There have definitely been some 'a-ha!' moments this month about boundaries, better planning for meetings, and carving out time where I am actually present in my personal time and not worrying about work.

So I am raising a glass of Savignon Blanc and toasting to the ever winding clock and my determination to become best friends with it and just somehow manage its expectations ;)