This thing called B L O G G I N G

Y'all I don't know what to tell you ... blogging ... does. not . compute . with your girl here... Every time I put this task on my ever growing To-Do list I always seem to be able to skirt around it and then voilà another month has passed and you guys have no idea what is going with me and behind the scenes here at BDC.

So I am taking a page out of my dear friend Hannah Q Photography ever updated blog book (... and because I constantly hear her voice in my head, "Kate! You need to be blogging!") and commit to some more written check ins.

... returns 15 minutes later because I couldn't think of what I wanted to say ...

Its okay, I just downed a green juice for dinner + put on Spice Girls, I got this guys!

I'm going to close out with my January Highs and Lows (another tip from Hannah - head to her blog when you have a chance!) - - I promise to check back in a week or two (or 3 months - JUST KIDDING!) with a look at my February and what to expect in the months to come.

Brace yourselves ... bridal season is coming <3



| J A N U A R Y  High's + Lows |

J A N U A R Y  Highs

I have booked 10 weddings for 2017 and I am ecstatic! My goal is 15 so I'm feeling pretty good!

Coming across random, but uplifting quotes on my Pinterest homepage that I just need to tuck in my pocket for a rainy day

That cat one gets me every time ...

Blogging - ha ... let's get real

Spending an extra long (and unexpected time) in London with family

J A N U A R Y  Lows

I keep forgetting my age ... which is sore reminder that I am 29 this year - NOT 28 Kate, nor 27  -- because you have said it

S E V E R E  S I D E  NO T E!!  This "low" is not like a low low ... its more of a realization that time goes by very quickly!

: The passing of my Grandmother (see extra long + unexpected time with family) -- though we were separated by many miles and a good ocean swim, I have a rather large hole in my heart. I miss her every day and I'm trying so hard to get back in the swing of things ... maybe blogging will help?



Love you Nanny xx